Dr. Matser

Medical advisor
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Years of experience in the Netherlands as a general and social psychiatrist.

Partly living in Spain for about ten years, on a finca, surrounded by many fruit trees. That means at times a lot of toil, trees are demanding friends.

Getting to know Henk Koenders as a general practitioner, me as a patient, but also as a colleague, looking behind his back to train me for a period as a volunteer doctor in Kenya, in 2014. My old love for the tropics once again resumed. Long ago I worked as a doctor-for-all in Nigeria for several years.

I have been working as a psychiatrist at the Centro Medico Alfaz for a year now. Where necessary in collaboration with Mrs. Rian van Rijsbergen, psychologist. Fortunately it has not become very busy, good for you, good for me. But you are most welcome with your psychological needs. For talk therapy and/or medication.

Nederlands / English / Deutsch.