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First of all, the Rheumatism patients in the broadest sense of the word. So men and women ( no children ) with rheumatic complaints as a result of inflammation , age development , professional activities and sports . Furthermore , patients with a chronic pain syndrome in joints , back or limbs . Also those who want information about the ins and outs of rheumatic diseases . And also with the need for medical specialist statements for the benefit of insurance authorities .

SINT MAARTEN CLINIC. In the period prior to my pre-retirement in 2009, the Rheumatology Department in the Maartenskliniek Nijmegen was my field of activity from 1978; in that year I was certified as a rheumatologist after specialist training at the University Hospital of Nijmegen. My areas of focus have evolved over time: Rheumatological team care, Rheumatoid Surgery and Rheumatoid Rehabilitation.

All innovations in Rheumatism Medicine took place at that time, including those with the so-called Biologicals. NERASS. A special accent was the foundation of the NERASS, the Dutch multidisciplinary specialist association for Rheumatoid Surgery, in 1991.

We recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of this interesting club in Woerden; just as in the beginning, the fate of the rheumatoid arthritis patient is still central.

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Another aspect of my experience arose when I was a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Rheumatism Fund for several years. Since 1990 I have carried out numerous expertises with rheumatism patients at the request of the Board of Appeal and of insurance companies, resulting in insight into medical-legal problems.