Dra Ámina Alani Ogea

General Practitioner
Consultation hours By appointment

Dr. Ámina Alani Ogea

She applies an integrative approach to medicine, based on the perspective of unity of the person and on the mind-body-consciousness interconnection. She is a specialist in the treatment of pain and chronic diseases. She is an expert in stress management and a specialist in digestive health. Her treatments based on the regulation of the heart-intestine-brain axis.

She graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada.
She is a specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine.
Official Master in Neuroscience and Pain from the University of Granada
Master in Nutrition and Human Dietetics (University of Cádiz)
Collaborating teacher of the Master of Basic Neurosciences, applied and pain at the University of Granada.
Training in medical ozone therapy and its applications in pain medicine and diseases in people subjected to physiological stress or diseases that accelerate cellular aging.
Training in digestive health and microbiota, bioimmunogenetics and psychoneuroimmunology among others.