Introducing myself!
My name is Kindra Deelman, I’m 19 years old and I live in Groningen. I attend school to become a nurse and I’m now in my 3rd year. Volleyball, shopping, going to the cinema, hanging out with my friends, and going out for dinner are a few things I like to do. This year in June I graduated for Personal Healthcare Assistant and a other study comparable to that of midwife.
In my internship last year, I helped the new parents who had just had a baby. The first week of the baby’s life, I would come to the family’s house and help them care for the newborn. I learned a lot but also noticed that I wanted to learn more. Last summer I worked a lot as a Personal Healthcare Assistant in different healthcare facilities, one of which the local hospital in Groningen. Because of all these experiences it has become clear to me that I want to work in a hospital.
So now Spain! Nerve-wracking but also very exciting! It feels like the internship at Centro Medico Alfaz will be a perfect fit for me because it comes closest to my future ambitions. I find it very interesting that the clinic offers so many different healthcare sectors. I expect to be able to learn a lot. One of the things I want to learn more about during my internship is diabetes and the diets that can help like a low-carb diet. As well as learning at the clinic, I’m also looking forward to learning a lot about the world outside. The Spanish culture!
I’m very excited and looking forward to my time at Centro Medico Alfaz and meeting you all!